Human Rights in an Age of Digital Media Seminar

Event date: 
27 May 2010
1:00pm to 2:00pm
UNSW Law School Staff Common Room

Daniel Joyce, an associate of the AHRCentre will examine human rights in the age of digital media. Daniel will discuss the impact of new media witnesses (such as NGOs and international organizations) in the field of human rights and discuss the development of ‘citizen media’ as a promising avenue for international law. The seminar will examine how new technologies can help actors connect with each other, engage new audiences, and potentially also assist with documentation, evidence gathering and compliance.

Daniel Joyce joined us as Centre Associate in 2010. He is currently teaching a course on international human rights law at UNSW. Daniel was recently the Erik Castrén Fellow in international law and human rights at the University of Helsinki and lectured at the University of Turku in Finland. He previously taught at Columbia University and Seton Hall. Daniel has a PhD in international law from the University of Cambridge where he was the Whewell Scholar in international law and also a Senior Rouse Ball Student at Trinity College. He is currently researching the area of new media and human rights witnessing.