UNSW Open Day - talks linked to Human Rights & the AHRCentre Law 101 – How much of what you wear and use was made in a sweatshop? and What is Development Studies?

Event date: 
1 Sep 2012 (All day)

Law 101 – How much of what you wear and use was made in a sweatshop? 

When: 1.25pm - 1.55pm on Saturday 1 September 

Where: Room G02, Faculty of LAW, UNSW Kensington Campus

The growth and interest in corporate responsibility for human rights has in part stemmed from recurring examples of corporate irresponsibility. Over a decade ago, Nike's swoosh was linked to sweatshops and more recently, Apple has been accused of manufacturing its products in factories that had no time for respecting workers' rights. During the recent 'Arab Spring' uprising, Vodafone was accused of sending out pro-government messages in Egypt. What sort of laws can or should impose human rights obligations on corporations? Do corporations rule the world?

Speaker: Justine Nolan



What is Development Studies?


When: 1.15pm on Saturday 1 September 
Where: Room 331, Level 3, Robert Webster Building, UNSW Kensington Campus

How do issues around poverty, human rights, peace, conflict, and trade affect different people in different parts of the world? In this interactive workshop we will discuss these questions, questions that are at the core of Development Studies at UNSW. We will also explore the ways images, stereotypes, and politics affect what we understand as poverty in the contemporary world.

Speaker: Dr Duncan McDuie-Ra