Project Director Rosemary Kayess to attend the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Shadow Report Project Group Communiqué

February 2013

The Shadow Report on the CRPD developed by Disabled Persons, Advocacy and Human Rights Organisations was launched in August 2012 and subsequently sent to the UN Committee in Geneva. It contains over 130 recommendations and was developed over a three year period. To date 73 organisations have endorsed the report which is still open for endorsement. The report can be downloaded at

In 2013 the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will begin dialogue with Australia in regard to its compliance with CRPD obligations. Commencing in April the Committee will develop a list of issues emerging from Australia’s baseline report. Australia will then be invited to appear at the tenth session of the committee in September at which time the committee will engage with the government delegation and any nongovernment delegations in attendance and following this dialogue will issue concluding comments and recommendations. Representatives from the Project Group will attend the April and September sessions subject to the receipt of funding.

The Project Group has chosen two people to attend in April - Therese Sands from People with Disability Australia and Rosemary Kayess from the Australian Human Rights Centre. Therese and Rosemary are both members of the Project Group and have extensive experience in the CRPD and other international conventions as well as lobbying at the UN. It is hoped that a larger delegation will be able to attend in September and the Project Group is planning to call for expressions of interest from the sector to make up this delegation.


The Project Group will continue to meet throughout 2013 and provide regular updates on the work that they are doing. They can be contacted at