Seminar: “Impact” is not just for litigation – affecting change through transactional lawyering

In his seminar at UNSW Law Faculty, Professor Praveen Kosuri inspired professionals, academics and students with his ideas on using transactional lawyering as an agent for change. Recognising that people generally associate the potential for larger scale ‘impact’ only with litigation, and usually through public interest or social justice law, Professor Kosuri urged those in attendance to think outside of these parameters to find ways to achieve these results through other types of lawyering and in a variety of areas of law.


Professor Kosuri is a former commercial litigator and investment banker. Drawing on his background in business, law and public interest, he now employs transactional lawyering for entrepreneurial cliental in such a way that he aims to assist not only each individual client, but also to create changes in law or policy that will benefit entrepreneurs generally. He encouraged those in attendance to think similarly and to find other ways to transcend individual cases to perpetuate larger scale positive change. 

Professor Kosuri explained his own attempts to use transactional lawyering in this way at the Transactional Legal Clinic, which he runs at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The clinic clusters its cases in an attempt to 'join the dots' between clients to create a bigger picture with a larger possible impact. Professor Kosuri suggested forming these clusters by focussing on clients in similar socio-economic situations or in specific geographical locations. The seminar ended in a lively discussion, with those in attendance considering ways in which such an approach might be incorporated into their own work within the Australian legal system.

This seminar took place on Thursday 8 August, 2013.