Project Director Dr Lucas Lixinski presents paper at American Society of International Law Research Forum

On November 1-2, Dr Lucas Lixinski participated in the American Society of International Law's prestigious Research Forum in at New York University School of Law, in the US. There, he presented a paper titled "The Judicial Design Agendas of Regional Human Rights Courts: A Comparative Analysis of the Inter-American and European Courts", written with Dr David Kosar, of Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic).

The paper discusses the ways in which international human rights courts, in analysing very discrete issues of state compliance with substantive human rights norms, end up making broad pronouncements to states on how they should design their own institutions, particularly their judiciary. Because international human rights courts were never meant to have the power to design institutions, the paper argues that it is quite striking they are doing precisely that.

"Our research shows how far human rights judicial institutions have come since their creation", said Dr Lixinski. "We are very excited with the feedback we received in New York, and we look forward to incorporating it to our paper before submitting it for publication."

The full program of the Research Forum, as well as the papers presented there, can be found here.