Business as usual is no longer an option

Some Australian clothing brands have signed a new initiative to improve conditions in Bangladeshi factories, while other brands stay conspicuously absent. Burying one's head in the sand is no longer an option, writes AHRCentre Deputy Director Justine Nolan.

One year ago this week on April 24, 2013 a nine-storey factory collapsed in the industrial outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh killing more than 1100 garment workers and crippling thousands more. The Rana Plaza disaster dominated global headlines for a few weeks and then the world moved on.

One year on from the tragedy, Bangladeshi workers still labour in unsafe conditions and work long hours for low pay. The collapse of the Rana Plaza building was the worst industrial accident anywhere in the world for the last 30 years but manufacturing continues unabated.

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