The Neglected Right to Protest

Dr Kirsty Hughes, University Lecturer in Public Law and fellow of Clare College at the University of Cambridge, visited UNSW Law for three weeks in April 2014.  Whilst at UNSW Law she collaborated with Daniel Joyce on research relating to the right to protest as part of the Centre’s project on New Media and Human Rights.  On 11 April 2014 Kirsty gave a timely and interesting work-in-progress seminar on “The Neglected Right to Protest” which was organised and sponsored by the Australian Human Rights Centre.  In the seminar she outlined her new work in this area focusing on European human rights jurisprudence regarding the intersection of freedom of expression, freedom of assembly/association and the right to protest.  A lively discussion followed which drew on comparative and international perspectives regarding protections for protestors. Questions were raised about the utility and scope of such a right and whether it adequately protects the interests of protestors.  Kirsty and Daniel plan to develop further research in this neglected area and welcome interest in this topic.