Prof Andrew Byrnes to deliver the Annual Kirby Lecture on International Law

AHRCentre Chair, Prof Andrew Byrnes will deliver the Annual Kirby Lecture on International Law, The Meaning of International Law: Government Monopoly, Expert Precinct or the People’s Law? at this year's 2014 ANZSIL conference at ANU. Andrew will be joined by a number of AHRCentre staff who will present papers at the ANZSIL conference: Daniel Joyce reappraises EH Carr’s Utopian Realism and the critique of international society in the Inter-War Period, Chris Michaelsen joins a panel on Ukraine, Crimea and International Law, Sarah Williams asks whether the amicus in international criminal tribunals is an impartial adviser or a new frontier for ‘law fare’.

The ANSZIL conference will be held at ANU from 3rd July to 5th July.

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