HIV and affected communities - special issue of the Human Rights Defender

The AHRCentre’s latest edition of the Human Rights Defender, 'HIV and affected communities' was commissioned to coincide with the AIDS 2014 Conference held in Melbourne this week. It was with great sadness and shock that we learnt of the Malaysian Airline flight MH17 and the tragic loss of lives. In his keynote address to the conference, former High Court judge, Michael Kirby, paid tribute to the remarkable contribution of key delegates to AIDS 2014 who were travelling to the conference on MH17. In his foreword to the HRD, Michael Kirby writes that the international response to HIV is currently at a critical moment, at once ‘on the brink of enormous progress’ and ‘on the edge of a precipice’ where prejudice and hostility (often in the form of conter-productive laws) still get in the way of the release of and access to lifesaving drugs.  The HRD also features the work of internationally renowned photographers whose images give visibility to the global struggle against HIV and AIDS. 

Extracts from Michael Kirby’s keynote AIDS 2014 address can be viewed here:

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