Voices of Bougainville

On 12 September 2014 the Australian Human Rights Centre hosted speakers from Jubilee Australia for the launch of their new report Voices of Bougainville. Drawing on interviews with almost around 80 Bougainvilleans, the report explores the intersection of mining, politics, development and conflict as communities debate independence for Bougainville and the reopening of the Panguna copper and gold mine.  

Reflecting on the group’s research, Jubilee CEO, Brynnie Goodwill, and panellists, Ruth Saovana and Kuntamari Crofts, said communities in Bougainville are still  grappling with the trauma of a decade-long civil war inextricably linked to the mine’s operation from 1972-1989.  The speakers said reconciliation, authentic community consultation, and the participation of women will be necessary to ensure the peaceful future of mining and development in Bougainville. Concerned about the mine’s negative environmental impact and fearful that mining may reignite conflict in the region, the community members surveyed by Jubilee Australia oppose plans to reopen the Panguna mine.


Visit Jubilee Australia to download a copy of the report Voices of Bougainville.