Seminar: Exploring safety and harm of students with cognitive disability

Students with cognitive disability experience higher rates of abuse, neglect and exploitation than students without disability. This seminar will share the results of recent research that investigated what students, their families and other key supporters such as teachers, disability, and child protection workers think about personal safety in and around school, together with their perspectives on what might make things better. The research was supplemented by an extensive analysis of relevant law and policy in this area. The seminar will provide insights into students’ experiences, the responses of education providers, and the system structures and processes available support resolution of abuse. Discussion will focus on addressing barriers, strengths and possibilities for change in education, legal and policy

The seminar will be of interest to education, disability support, child protection and legal practitioners, researchers, and families of children and young people with disability.

Led by Dr Sally Robinson with the AHRCentre's Rosemary Kayess (Project director on Disability and human rights).

Date: Thursday, 12th March, 2015
Time: 12 – 2pm
Venue: Room 221, Level 2, Ken Goodsell Building, UNSW
RSVP: by 9th March, 2015