Spotlight on our PhDs - Emily Waller


In July-August 2015, Emily Waller, PhD Candidate in the School of Social Sciences, and Research Associate on a cross-Faculty Australian Research Council Discovery Project grant (DP140102274) between the Faculties of Arts & Social Sciences and the Australian Human Rights Centre, Faculty of Law, UNSW Australia, had the opportunity to visit the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and its successor organisation, the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals in Arusha, Tanzania.

The aim of Emily’s visit to the Tribunal was to meet and conduct interviews with staff from the Chambers, Office of the Prosecutor, the Registry and the Mechanism to feed into two UNSW research projects. The first centres on her doctoral research project which aims to better understand the impact of participation in judicial processes on stigma and discrimination arising from sexual violence crimes. The second project critically examines the meaning of ‘transformative’ reparations for survivors of sexual violence and the capacity of international(-ised) courts and tribunals (and other government/justice entities) to fulfil such awards. For the latter, Emily had the pleasure to meet with ICTR President and Judge Vagn Joensen to discuss the ICTR’s role in facilitating a study conducted by the International Organisation for Migration for the Government of Rwanda on a potential national reparations mechanism in response to ongoing legacies stemming from the 1994 genocide.

Following Emily’s visit to the ICTR, she will travel to Rwanda to collect empirical data from national and local judicial officials in order to capture the layered forms of justice that have been developed in response to the genocide.