AHRCentre Submission endorsed by Senate's Report on Same-Sex Marriage in Australia


AHRCentre's directors Jed Horner and Lucas Lixinski, with AHRCentre intern Darren Ou Yong, made a submission to the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs rejecting the government proposal for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. The position of the AHRCentre submission was that a plebiscite would be too expensive and has no foundation on Australian law. The submission also highlighted the adverse consequences of these plebiscites in other countries, where reports of violent discrimination have increased as a result of campaigns around the issue. The Senate's report on the matter, released today, also rejects the proposal for a plebiscite, citing among other sources the AHRCentre submission.

You can read the AHRCentre submission here. You can also read the Senate report here.