Human Rights Tertiary Teachers' Workshop 2016

The AHRCentre will host the 2016 Human Rights Tertiary Teachers' Workshop on 17 February 2016. A range of topics will be covered, including:

  • Critiques of human rights – recent critiques of the human rights enterprise and how we engage with these in our teaching
  • Supervising human rights research students (in particular higher degree research students) – challenges, pitfalls and opportunities, and issues specific to human rights research
  • Social media and the teaching/learning of human rights – should we use it? Why (not)? If so, how?
  • New resources/new ways of teaching – eg, judgment projects as a means of teaching human rights, lessons from experiential learning/clinical teaching, effective simulations and innovative assessment
  • New or breaking issues and how we go about engaging with them in our teaching/Recent human rights events (eg Australia’s UPR) and using them for human rights teaching.

For more information, please visit: registration page