A letter to my younger self




Dear Justine

Travel widely. Even though you are probably earning less than you will later, it is 'free' money that is not already allocated to mortgages, children and endless years of exorbitant school fees.
Get as much education as you can (it will only get more expensive). But don't be that person with endless degrees and no real world experience. Get out there and find work that has a purpose and that can bring you some joy. Work with people you like. Don't spend time with fools.
Ask more questions. Ask why and then ask why again. If you buy a t-shirt for $5, how much is the person making it really being paid? Speak up against racism, sexism and other social ills that bug you. You don't have to be standing on a platform to make a difference.
Value your friends and family. Spend time with your parents as it will not be until you become one that you realise how truly difficult it is. Nurture your female friendships; they will stay with you for life if you want them. Stay close to your sister, and if you don't have one, adopt one.
Partner up with someone you love. It's a bonus if that person also understands how mortgages work and how much it is worth investing in your superannuation. These important topics will remain as boring as they sound now throughout the rest of your life.
It's probably worth it to keep eating kale and broccoli but balance it out with daily chocolate. Exercise daily. It helps with the chocolate and peace of mind.
Learn a language.
Take the occasional chance. There's always going to be a reason to say no, try to overcome that.