AHRCentre project on gender violence in university settings highlighted at Universities Australia conference


AHRCentre Director, Andrea Durbach told the recent annual Universities Australia conference in Canberra, that a drinking culture combined with entrenched gender inequality heightens the chances of sexual harassment and assault in university settings. Speaking on a panel with former Chief of the Australian Army, David Morriosn, NUS Womens Officer, Heidi Le Paglia and legal expert in sexual assault cases, Adair Donaldson, Andrea outlined the keycomponents of the AHRCentre project which is aimed at developing effective prevention strategies and reporting mechanisms to address gender violence at Australian universities. 

Building on the work of the NUS and the ADFA Unacceptable Behaviour survey, the AHRCentre has partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission and Universities Australia to implement a national survey which will seek to collect data on prevalence, student reporting experiences and appropriate and effective responses. The analysis of the data and comparative research will shape the development of best practice polices, procedures and protocols for adaption and application by Australian universities. General Morrison urged universities to name and own any evidence of misconduct and demonstrate a clear commitment to rectify and address harm. 


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