Business and Human Rights – From Principles to Practice


Business and Human Rights – From Principles to Practice by Dorothee Baumann-Pauly and Justine Nolan (Eds)

Companies face increasing scrutiny about their human rights impact. The expectation that companies respect human rights in their own operations and in their business relationships is now a business reality that corporations need to respond to. Clothing retailers face unsafe factory conditions, Internet service providers wrestle with their users’ expectations around privacy and freedom of expression, and oil and mining companies struggle to provide security for their people, local communities and their facilities in often volatile countries. In a global economy, multinational companies often operate in jurisdictions where governments are either unable or unwilling to uphold even the basic human rights of their own citizens.

For some companies, the question is no longer whether there is an obligation to address human rights but how to implement it. Business and Human Rights – From Principles to Practice is the first comprehensive and interdisciplinary textbook that addresses these issues. It examines the regulatory framework that grounds the business and human rights debate and highlights the business and legal challenges faced by companies and stakeholders in improving respect for human rights.

This edited volume addresses current and future business leaders, students and teachers at law and business schools as well as a broader audience that would like to gain a better understanding of business and human rights challenges. The perspectives from law and business scholars as well as those from practitioners provide an overview of current themes in the field and offer guidance for how to make practical progress on the implementation of human rights.

The contributions in this book:

  • outline the milestones of the human rights movement,
  • explain the business challenges in addressing human rights,
  • explore the potential of multi-stakeholder initiatives,
  • examine the current mechanisms to hold corporations to account including litigation and reporting requirements,
  • and discusses the future challenges for business and human rights.


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Justine Nolan is the Deputy Director of the Australian Human Rights Centre. Read more about her work here.