International human rights law and violence against women: Thinking through the arguments for and against a new UN Convention

AHRCentre Chairperson Andrew Byrnes met last week in Tokyo with Ms Yoko Hayashi, the current Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. Anderw delivered a presentation on:

  • The persistence and evolution of gender-based violence against women (GBVAW)
  • Existing international law and standards in relation to GBVAW
  • Calls for a new UN convention – the justifications offered
  • Evaluation of the ‘normative gap’ argument
  • The advantages and potential drawbacks and complexities of drafting a new convention
  • Possible form and content of a new convention: some issues
  • Principles that should guide the drafting of any new convention
  • The need for a multi-path strategy
  • And what of CEDAW’s Update to General recommendation 19?

Download a copy of his presentation, here.


Andrew Byrnes and Yoko Hayashi

Photo: Andrew Byrnes with Yoko Hayashi, 2016.