Review of Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice


The following excerpt is from the book review in the Business and Human Rights Journal, Cambridge University Press, by Harry J. VAN BUREN III, Rust Professor of Business Ethics, Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico:

This book is a very important advance in the BHR field, and will be useful for academics seeking to understand the history of the BHR debate, the various participants in it, and the challenges and opportunities associated with placing more stringent responsibilities on business in the human rights domain. For anyone doing research in the field, this book should find a place on the bookshelf. The book would also be useful as a primer for students seeking to understand the BHR debate, although in this regard the discussion questions could have been better integrated into the chapters. For practitioners, it certainly provides important and useful information, but is less of a how-to book than it is a scholarly treatment of BHR theory and practice. The usefulness of the book for this audience would have been strengthened by better integration of the case studies and practitioner perspectives with the more scholarly contributions.
Further, the book accurately depicts the state of play in the BHR field. BHR has made a lot of progress, but there is still a long way to go. The field is messy, with a variety of perspectives, ideologies, and operational challenges. There will be future volumes written that seek to take a broad and integrative perspective as the BHR debate continues and the field becomes more mature. For understanding the field as of 2016, however, Business and Human Rights: From Principles to Practice is the best resource we have, and merits attention from anyone who wants to be a part of it.
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