The Guardian - Sexual assault at universities: the same degrading attitudes permeate society


AHRCentre Director Andrea Durbach and Damian Powell write for The Guardian:

At its heart, the disturbing prevalence of sexual assault and harassment on the campuses of Australia’s universities is about power – and powerlessness. 

It is those who have traditionally held the least power on our campuses – women, students with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and LGBTIQ students – who are the most likely to experience the enduring harm of sexual assault or harassment, at a time when the promises of higher education are creating the foundation for their careers and opportunities for their adult lives.

With the release in the last few days of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s national student survey findings, the focus has largely been on determining the degree and nature of the problem. To establish the extent of university sexual assault and harassment is a critical step, with the survey released this week revealing high numbers of students affected by sexual assault or sexual harassment in the past 12 months.


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