AHRCentre recent research achievements


Recent published research by members of the AHRCentre, including: Andrea Durbach, Director; Justine Nolan, Deputy Director; Claire Higgins, Human Rights Defender Editor, Melanie Schwartz, AJHR Editor and Lucas Lixinski, Project Director. 


Books and Edited Collections
Claire HigginsAsylum by Boat: Origins of Australia's Refugee Policy (NewSouth, 2017).
Journal Articles and Book Chapters
Gabrielle Appleby, 'Horizontal Accountability: The Rights-Protective Promise and Fragility of Executive Integrity Institutions' (2017) Australian Journal of Human Rights, doi:10.1080/1323238X.2017.1363372.
Andrea Durbach and Lucy Geddes, '"To shape our own lives and our own world": Exploring women's hearings as reparative mechanisms for victims of sexual violence post-conflict' (2017) International Journal of Human Rights, doi: 10.1080/13642987.2017.1360019.
Claudia Lima Marques, Lucas Lixinski and Pablo Marcello Baquero, 'Brazil' in Júrgen Basedow, Giesela Rühl, Franco Ferrari, and Pedro de Miguel Asensio (eds), Encyclopedia of Private International Law (Edward Elgar, 2017).
Justine Nolan, 'Regulating Human Rights and Responsibilities in Global Supply Chains' in Joy Murray, Arunima Malik and Arne Geschke (eds), The Social Effects of Global Trade(Pan Stanford, 2017).
Melanie Schwartz, 'Low-end Penalty, Big-time Impact: The Effect of Fines on Indigenous People' (2017) 8(29) Indigenous Law Bulletin 14.
Jeremy C Wells and Lucas Lixinski, 'Heritage Values and Legal Rules: Identification and Treatment of the Historic Environment via an Adaptive Regulatory Framework (Part 2)' (2017) Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development,doi: 10.1108/JCHMSD-07-2016-0044.
Melanie Schwartz, David Brown and Chris Cunneen, 'Justice Reinvestment', Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse, Brief 21, July 2017, Australian Institute of Criminology.