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Watch or listen to Gillian Triggs speak about Australia’s human rights record and the UPR

Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs reflects on the Universal Periodic Review process and how it can be utilised to better promote the realisation of human rights in Australia.

AHRCentre announces new project: Environmental justice and human rights in Asia

The project, led by Dr Pichamon Yeophantong, examines how the forces of economic modernisation and regional integration work to transform Asia’s geopolitical landscape, and creates ecological and social challenges.

A plebiscite on same sex marriage? Turnbull hasn’t got my vote

AJHR student editor, Katerina Jovanovska, argues against the plebiscite on same sex marriage in her article for The Student Voice - and that public opinion should not determine whether to recognise rights that are fundamental and so closely linked to issues of dignity. Read more...

Report from the Disasters and International Law in the Asia-Pacific workshop

In light of the increased frequency and severity of disasters occurring as a result of climate change, there is a clear need for better coordination and regional co-operation in emergency response, preparedness and prevention.

Law and poverty in Australia - 40 years after the Sackville Report

The workshop addressed many issues - legal aid, social security and criminal law, legal services and access to justice, and the position of disadvantaged people before the law - and critically considered the extent of progress, or otherwise, made to date in each of these fields.

Human Rights Defender special issue on women's economic and social rights

The articles in this issue demonstrate the pervasive economic and social disadvantage suffered by women around the world. They also highlight the opportunity for change by ensuring that human rights focus on gender equality.

UN: UPR raises concerns about numerous human rights violations against Australians with disabilities

AHRCentre project director and ACDL Chairperson Rosemary Kayess: “We are pleased that key disability recommendations were made by numerous HRC member States.”

Australia's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and people with disability

AHRCentre project director Rosemary Kayess is in Geneva as part of the Australian Joint NGO Delegation for Australia's 2nd Universal Periodic Review at the Human Rights Council.

Post-Grad opportunity: AHRCentre and Legal Aid NSW Fellowship

The 26 week fellowship is designed to enable a UNSW Law graduate law student to undertake the clinical component of the College of Law Practical Training Course Professional Program. The student will primarily prepare reports on applications for aid that raise significant public interest or human rights issues.

Archaic abortion laws in NSW an affront to basic human rights

In this day and age it is shameful that abortion is yet to be decriminalised. A woman’s control over her body and reproduction is a basic human right writes Human Rights Defender intern Michaela Vaughan for The Student Voice. Read more...