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Spotlight on our PhDs - Emily Waller

PhD Candidate Emily Waller, with International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda President Vagn Joensen, was in Arusha, Tanzania, conducting interviews to better understand the impact of participation in judicial processes on stigma and discrimination arising from sexual violence crimes. Read more about Emily's work...

Human Rights Defender on cultural heritage and human rights

This issue of the Human Rights Defender engages with the role of cultural heritage with respect to human rights. Cultural heritage here is different from culture. In many respects, it is culture condensed, crystallized in certain objects, places and practices. To read the full editorial, click on the title above.

UNSW Law students meet Gillian Triggs in Beijing

UNSW Law students interning at Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers met with Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs in Beijing, China in July. The students conducted comparative international legal research into human rights issues facing China.

On reforming guardianship - podcast available

Listen to Rosemary Kayess, as she welcomed three distinguished experts in the field of guardianship: Peter Blanck, Gerard Quinn and Graeme Smith - and discussions on unjustified isolation from the community, the Jenny Hatch case, imaging of personhood, and much more...

Debate on Supported Decision Making with Rosemary Kayess & Gerard Quinn

Is it feasible to change the way we think about supported decision making? Listen to the experts debate the topic, including the AHRCentre's Rosemary Kayess and Gerard Quinn, and gain insight into the world of supported decision making.

The number of Australian mining companies in Africa is booming, but at what cost to local people and the environment?

Justine Nolan, Acting Director of the AHRCentre, commented in the article that "In Australia, we're basically saying, 'We trust you to report on what you think is right. And we have enough proof that that doesn't work."

Grant success - Operationalising Human Rights Norms in Peace Missions

Associate Professor Chris Michaelsen successfully obtained funding in this year's competitive grant round of the Australia-Japan-Foundation for a project entitled "Operationalising Human Rights Norms in Peace Missions". Read more...

AHRCentre will re-open on 9th July

The Australian Human Rights Centre is closed for the university break and will re-open on 9 July 2015. We would like to thank all of our wonderful supporters and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Watch the video - North Korea Inside/Out with Michael Kirby and Barnaby Caddy

On 18 May 2015, Michael Kirby and Barnaby Caddy discussed some confronting aspects of North Korean society – from millions subjected to the most severe human rights abuses to beneficiaries of the system reluctant to discuss its victims.

Read, watch or listen to the AHRCentre's Annual Lecture on Disability Rights

'Disability Rights – A Global Agenda for the 21st' Century provided an invaluable and dynamic contribution to the disability rights discourse in Australia and internationally, highlighting its progress and its future challenges.