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Call for Papers - 2015 ANZSIL International Law-Making at a Crossroads: Participants, Processes and Principles

The 23rd Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law will take place from Thursday 2 July 2015 to Saturday 4 July 2015 at Victoria University of Wellington, in Wellington, New Zealand.

Once more unto the breach: another attack on the Australian Human Rights Commission

The one‐sided recounting of a dispute over interpretation, without any substantive consideration of the arguments on the other side, does a major disservice to informed discussion of an important public institution.

The Bali 9 case – where has international law gone?

A critical element missing from the public discussion of the Bali 9 cases is the fact that Indonesia’s imposition of the death sentence for drug offences is almost certainly a violation of its international obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Indonesia became a party in 2006.

The continuing saga of the Basikbasik case and the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission

AHRCentre Chair Andrew Byrnes writes in reference to the Basikbasik case (see previous story) that the guarantee against arbitrary detention contained in Article 9 of the ICCPR has a long history in the common law and is a right fundamental to our system of law and politics.

On undermining independence and impartiality in democratic societies

Australian law professors joined together to express concern over the recent public criticism (including by the Prime Minister) of one of Australia’s most respected independent public office holders, Australian Human Rights Commission President Gillian Triggs.

Registrations open for 2015 Human Rights Tertiary Teachers' Workshop

The Fifth Annual Human Rights Tertiary Teachers’ Workshop will be held on Wednesday, 18 February 2015, from 9.30-5 pm at Regnet, Australian National University.

AHRCentre will re-open on 19th January 2015

The Australian Human Rights Centre is closed for the university break and will re-open on 19 January 2015. We would like to thank all of our wonderful supporters for another successful year. Read more...

Human rights under the microscope: reflections on parliamentary scrutiny

On Thursday, 11 Dec 2014, Prof Andrew Byrnes delivered a presentation at the Law Society of South Australia giving an overview of the mandate and work of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

SRVAW Asia-Pacific Consultation on Women's Rights Protections with Rashida Manjoo

The UNSW School of Social Sciences and the AHRCentre will host a pre-conference consultation led by Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences (SRVAW).

Human Rights as Limits for the Security Council: A Matter of Substantive Law or Defining the Application of Proportionality?

Chris Michaelsen's recent article on the UN Security Council and human rights selected by Oxford University Press for a feature commemorating Human Rights Day 2014.