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The International Criminal Court – A Site of Gender Justice

Louise Chappell, Andrea Durbach, Rosemary Grey and Fatou Bensouda (among others) contribute to the latest issue of the International Feminist Journal of Politics, on the ICC and gender justice.

“New,” “Old,” and “Nested” Institutions and Gender Justice Outcomes: A View from the International Criminal Court

What difference do new actors and new institutions make to gender justice outcomes? AHRCentre Project Director Louise Chappell explores this question in an article published yesterday. Read more...

Human Rights Defender 23-3 focuses on the media and human rights

This issue of the Human Rights Defender focuses on the theme of Media and Human Rights. It does so by looking at the relationship from two angles, asking: how does the media shape and affect human rights activity; and how can human rights law both protect and constrain the media?

Discussion paper: Gender equality and human rights

AHRCentre's Beth Goldblatt, with Sandra Fredman, writes for UN Women on the evolving understandings of equality in order to articulate a clear standard by which to evaluate social and economic policies. The paper is available (free) to download.

Improving Corporate Compliance with Human Rights: Building a Better Mousetrap

Justine Nolan spoke to Yale faculty and students about practical mechanisms for preventing and redressing violations of human rights by corporations and focused on the effectiveness and legitimacy of MSIs in addressing this problem.

Cultural Heritage as Transformation: a study of four sites from post-apartheid South Africa

In a country undergoing political transition, cultural heritage can assume a significant role in resurrecting and preserving features from a political past that may inform and shape a nation’s emerging cultural identity.

UNSW Law students participate in China National Model United Nations

Four UNSW Law Students (Sarah McIntosh, Rebecca Stanley, Stephanie Blaker and Sam Emery) participated in the 11th China National Model UN Conference, held at South East University, Nanjing, from 7-9 November 2014.

2015 Human Rights Tertiary Teachers' Workshop - Call for registrations

The Fifth Annual Human Rights Tertiary Teachers’ Workshop will be held on Wednesday, 18 February 2015, from 9.30-5 pm at Regnet, Australian National University.

NYU Visiting Scholar - AHRCentre's Justine Nolan

During her time at NYU, Justine Nolan is working with Professor Michael Posner, Sarah Labowitz and Dr. Dorothee Baumann-Pauly on strategies to hold companies accountable for human rights violations.

Grant success for Chris Michaelsen in the most recent Discovery Project round of the Australian Research Council

Chris Michaelsen and three colleagues from UNSW and the ANU were awarded $488,403 for a 4-year project examining how elected members on the UN Security Council can influence Council decision-making and norm development.