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Workshop - Transformative Reparations at the ECCC, Phnom Penh, 28 November 2014

An AHRCentre workshop on Transformative Reparations for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Possibilities for the ECCC, will be held at Khmer Surin South Gate, in Phnom Penh on 28 November 2014.

Human Rights as Limits for the Security Council

In Hong Kong on Monday, 27 Oct, AHRCentre Project Director Chris Michaelsen examines the application of human rights limits to the decision-making process of the United Nations Security Council.

Ingram Symposium on Labour Migration in the Asia Pacific Region: The Challenges of Governance

There are over 100 million migrant workers globally, many working on temporary contracts in low-wage industries such as construction, agriculture, fishing, mining, manufacturing, hospitality and domestic work.

Collaborating with Human Rights Center at Stanford University

During her sabbatical in 2014, Justine Nolan, Deputy Director of the AHRCentre is collaborating with the Human Rights Center at Stanford University to advise them on developing business and human rights research projects for their law students.

AHRCentre pitches support for land grab and forced eviction documentary

AHRCentre Director Andrea Durbach spoke at Good Pitch² held at the Sydney Opera House this week, which focused on the role of investigative documentary as making visible human rights violations and as a vehicle for social change.

Graphic novel to help protect and promote LGBTI rights in Africa

An educational comic book and video project, developed by the AHRCentre, about same-sex love and discrimination will be distributed in 16 African countries as part of an international campaign to promote and protect LGBTI rights.

Australian International Criminal Law Workshop

The workshop drew out recurring themes both challenging the role of an international criminal ‘project’ led by the International Criminal Court, and seeking to explain and underwrite the ongoing significance of prosecuting international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

“The Dark Abyss”: Human rights and political reality in North Korea

The Hon Michael Kirby AC's report of the UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights Violations in North Korea explaining the establishment, methodology, findings and follow-up to the COI Report.

From Rwanda to The Hague, via Cambodia: comparative look at 3 ICJ responses

ICC specialist Clair Duffy outlined how political interference has affected each of these courts drawing on personal experience and observation obtained by working within and outside the courts in their countries of operation.

Heritage for Whom? Individuals' and Communities' Roles in International Cultural Heritage Law

AHRCentre Project Director Lucas Lixinski writes about the ways in which communities are excluded from international processes of heritage governance, to the point where international law in fact alienates people from their own heritage.