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Chris Michaelsen speaks to Openhouse Radio on the conflict in Gaza, the UN's response and prospects of a more permanent ceasefire

AHRCentre project director on Human Rights, International Law and Security, Chris Michaelsen, addresses the issues surrounding the conflict in Gaza and the possibilities for peace in this short pod cast.

Model United Nations in Southeast University in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China UNSW Law/AHRCentre Student Delegation 7-9 November 2014

The Australian Human Rights Commission, the United Nations Association of China, UNSW Law and the AHRCentre are seeking applications from UNSW law students to participate in a three day Model United Nations in China in November.

Associate Prof Chris Michaelsen's podcast on the UN Security Council, the downing of MH17 and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

AHRCentre project director Chris Michaelsen discusses the ramifications on the downing of flight MH17 on Openhouse Radio. Chris leads the Centre's project on Human rights, international law and security.

The ‘dark abyss’: Michael Kirby discusses human rights and political reality in North Korea

Former High Court judge to discuss his UN Human Rights Council report on North Korea at a free public forum at UNSW Law, Thursday 31 July.
Forum hosted by UNSW’s Australian Human Rights Centre and the Network for Interdisciplinary Studies of Law.

HIV and affected communities - special issue of the Human Rights Defender

The AHRCentre’s latest edition of the Human Rights Defender, 'HIV and affected communities' was commissioned to coincide with the AIDS 2014 Conference held in Melbourne this week. It was with great sadness and shock that we learnt of the Malaysian Airline flight MH17 and the tragic loss of lives.

Prof Andrew Byrnes to deliver the Annual Kirby Lecture on International Law

Andrew Byrnes will deliver the Annual Kirby Lecture on "International Law, The Meaning of International Law: Government Monopoly, Expert Precinct or the People’s Law?" at this year's 2014 ANZSIL conference at ANU.

At the UN, Youth Delegation advise on issues that affect the disability sector globally

With delegates from around the world, the Youth Delegation to COSP 2014 focused in a general and uncomplicated way on the blocks and barriers that people with disability experience in becoming leaders.

Risking everything for justice - Beatrice Mtetwa

The only way forward for Africa will be to appoint strong, independent anti-corruption commissions, headed by people of impeccable reputation and substance who will not be afraid to deal with all levels of the corruption which infects the continent.

Are human rights implemented the same way around the world?

The right to private and family life exists with some minor variations in a number of international treaties. As it is being implemented by different international courts and UN bodies, these minute differences may come to mean immense differences in what is covered by the notion of “family life”, or “private life”.

Launch in Kathmandu of Migrant Workers’ Access to Justice at Home: Nepal

Nepal has taken significant steps toward improving governance of labour migration and migrant workers’ access to justice, but justice still remains elusive for the vast majority of Nepali migrant workers who encounter harms pre-departure and while abroad.