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Reflecting on the NSW Legal Aid Fellowship with Elizabeth Clark

For law graduates with a passion for social justice, the world of Practical Legal Training placements and graduate positions can seem daunting at best, as students try to find roles which both meet their interests and equip them with skills to pursue them into the future. Read more...

Open access: Transformative Reparations for Women and Girls at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Sarah Williams and Emma Palmer write for the International Journal of Transitional Justice on transformative reparations in international criminal tribunals by examining the reparations mandate and practice of the ECCC. Access the full article...

Children’s right to legal protection in America and Australia – a comparative perspective

Emily Buss, Kylie Beckhouse, Matthew Keeley and Noam Peleg discussed the factors that create barriers to sophisticated legal protection of children in Australia and in the US at a recent seminar hosted by the AHRCentre and the NCYLC.

The Problematic Use of Human Rights Discourse in the Greek Crisis Debate by Dorothea Anthony

Dorothea Anthony, a PhD Candidate at UNSW Law, writes for the European Society of International Law on how human rights ended up adding little to the Greek crisis debate. Read more...

Applications open: Beijing internship with Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers

The AHRCentre, in collaboration with the Australian Human Rights Commission and with the financial support of DFAT, is pleased to announce that five students will have the opportunity to intern with Beijing-based Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers.

Shedding a light on female war crime perpetrators (in Bosnia)

The AHRCentre hosted an International Women’s Day seminar on 8 March 2016 with Dr Olivera Simic, entitled 'People who know her would never believe this' ...Were these simply “ordinary women responding to extraordinary circumstances’’? Read more...

The Amicus Curiae in International Criminal Justice

There are a number of issues regarding the use of amicus curiae briefs before international criminal tribunals that warrant further attention - including why and when to apply, what topics to address, and the relevant ethical considerations involved. Read more...

AHRCentre project on gender violence in university settings highlighted at Universities Australia conference

AHRCentre Director, Andrea Durbach told the recent annual Universities Australia conference that a drinking culture combined with entrenched gender inequality heightens the chances of sexual harassment and assault in university settings.

A letter to my younger self

The journey to a rewarding career can have uncertainties, pitfalls and detours. To mark International Women's Day 2016, AHRCentre deputy director Justine Nolan has written a letter to her younger self as a way of providing advice to younger women embarking on their careers.

Embarrassing Truths: Australia’s Treatment of Asylum Seekers

Human Rights Defender summer Student Editor Caitlin Eaton writes on how the Australian Government continues to enforce policies that breach international human rights, and endanger the physical and mental health of thousands of vulnerable individuals. Read more...