The Future of Bougainville: community perspectives on re-opening the Panguna Mine

Event date: 
12 Sep 2014
1:00pm to 2:00pm
Staff common room, level 2, UNSW Law
Panguna Mine in PNG
Brynnie Goodwill and Kuntamari Crofts
Jubilee Australia
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The Panguna Mine in Bougainville, once a source of nearly 44% of PNG’s revenue, has been closed for twenty-five years. The mine was closed by local Indigenous people frustrated by environmental devastation to their land, immense disruption to the socio-political economies tied to customary lands where traditional practices were intrinsic to daily life.  Closure of the Bougainville Copper Limited mine (subsidiary of Rio Tinto) was the first time Indigenous people successfully halted international mining interests in a local community.  Rio has proposed re-opening the mine. With the Panguna Region closed to outsiders, perspectives of local communities who will be most be affected by the mine’s reopening have not been part of the debate. Voices of people from the Panguna communities are presented in Jubilee Australia’s ‘Voices of Bougainville’ Report which will be launched at this seminar.

Brynnie Goodwill, CEO of Jubilee Australia, will highlight the findings in Jubilee’s landmark report, and Kuntamari Crofts will provide community perspectives on this issue.

About Jubilee Australia

Founded as part of the global movement in 2000 to ‘drop the debt’ placed with developing countries during the late 20th century, Jubilee conducts research and develops campaigns concerning government and corporate practices that impoverish rather than support the self-determination and sustainability of communities in the Asia Pacific. Recent reports include Pipe dreams: The PNG LNG project and the future hopes of a nation and Alternatives to debtor’s prison: Developing a framework for international insolvency’s campaigns include Make Poverty History, Debt-for-Development, Robin Hood Tax and tax justice.