Annual Lectures

2005: International author, David Malouf on Challenging Indifference

2006: Human rights scholar, Prof Conor Gearty from the London School of Economics on Human Rights, Human Security and the National Interest

2007: Prof Sandra Liebenberg, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa on the Role of the South African Constitution in Transforming Human Rights

2008: Prof Stephan Parmentier, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium on Human Rights and Reconciliation in Times of Transition

2009: Prof Frances Raday, Hebrew University, Jerusalem on Religious challenges to human rights Can secularism contribute to peace-making in the Middle East?

2010: Albie Sachs, former Justice of the Constitutional Court, South Africa on A man called Henri: Truth, reconciliation, justice and gross violations of the past

2011: United States Ambassador to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich on The United States and Australia's commitment to human rights in the Asia-Pacific

2012: American American playwright, performer, writer and human rights activist, Eve Ensler on Until the Violence Stops

2014: Zimbabwean human rights lawyer and joint winner of the 2014 US Government’s International Women of Courage Award, Beatrice Mtetwa on The Rule of Law

2015: Graeme Innes AM and Gerard Quinn spoke to Rosemary Kayess on Disability rights - A global agenda for the 21st century

2016: Former Assistant Secretary of State for the Obama administration, Michael Posner on Making Progress: Human Rights as an Essential Element of Sustainable Business

2017: UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston on Why does it matter if others have more? How extreme inequality and poverty violate human rights?