Civil Society and International Criminal Justice

Event date: 
12 Oct 2017
12:30pm to 2:00pm
The Boardroom, Level 2, UNSW Law
International Criminal Justice
Gaelle Carayon; Aurelie Roche-Mair; Jonathan O'Donohue; Sarah Williams
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The AHRCentre invites you to a seminar:

Civil Society and International Criminal Justice

The seminar will address the role(s) of civil society in international criminal justice and the current challenges facing the International Criminal Court from a number of different perspectives.

Gaelle Carayon is formerly a Post Conflict Policy Advisor for REDRESS. Prior to joining REDRESS in 2009, she worked with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Tanzania as donor reporting officer. She has also undertaken various internships the human rights fields with Amnesty International in Brussels and the World Organisation against Torture in Geneva.

Aurelie Roche-Mair is the Director of the ICC and ICL programme of the International Bar Association, based in The Hague.

Jonathan O'Donohue is a Legal Adviser for Amnesty International’s International Secretariat, with responsibility for Amnesty’s international justice programme, including the International Criminal Court.

Sarah Williams is a Professor of International Law at UNSW Sydney and the Director of Postgraduate Research at UNSW Law. Her current research focuses on evaluating the role of the amicus curiae and civil society more broadly in international criminal justice.