Human Rights Defender

The Human Rights Defender is a human rights magazine published by the AHRCentre featuring articles, commentary, art and photographs across a broad range of contemporary human rights issues. It provides a forum for the expression of critical thinking and discussion of conceptual developments in human rights. The magazine has wide appeal across a range of subscribers, from high school and university students, to legal practitioners, NGOs, government advisers and members of the media.

The Human Rights Defender is printed for distribution and is published three times a year. Articles are publicly available through three sources: HeinOnline, InformIT and EBSCO.

Australian Journal of Human Rights

Established in 1991, the Australian Journal of Human Rights is Australia’s first peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to human rights development in Australia, the Asia-Pacific region and internationally. The journal published bi-annually, aims to raise awareness of human rights issues in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region by providing a forum for scholarship and discussion.

The AJHR examines legal aspects of human rights, along with associated philosophical, historical, economic and political considerations, across a range of issues, including aboriginal ownership of land, racial discrimination and vilification, human rights in the criminal justice system, children’s rights, homelessness, immigration, asylum and detention, corporate accountability, disability standards and free speech.

Other publications

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