Optional Protocol to CEDAW website project

The AHRCentre has partnered with the Optional Protocol to CEDAW website to establish its first student-driven research project.

The Optional Protocol to CEDAW website is the leading source of information about the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The website brings together jurisprudence, scholarship and other resources to assist individuals to use the Optional Protocol’s communication and inquiry procedures to advance the human rights of women. It also features guest posts by some of the leading and emerging thinkers on women’s rights.

The AHRCentre’s interns – Teneisha Bhulla, Monique Dam, Sarah Dobinson, Antonia Ross, Emma Watt and Joshua Wood – will undertake research and summarise jurisprudence decided under the Optional Protocol. Their work will be disseminated through the Optional Protocol to CEDAW website and accessed by academics, lawyers, advocates, individuals and even members of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

AHRCentre supervisors

Andrew Byrnes, Andrea Durbach, Beth Goldblatt and Justine Nolan

External supervisor

Simone Cusack  

Further information

Follow the students’ work by subscribing to the Optional Protocol to CEDAW website and / or following  @OPCEDAW on twitter

For further information about the Optional Protocol, see:

Simone Cusack, Mechanisms for Advancing Women’s Human Rights: A Guide to Using the Optional Protocol to CEDAW and other International Complaint Mechanisms (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2009)