Current Research topics

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Peoples’ tribunals and international law

AHRCentre Chair and International Law Professor, Andrew Byrnes has been awarded an ARC Discovery Grant to undertake a project entitled: Whose law is it, anyway? Citizens' and peoples' challenges to state dominance in the making and application of international law (DP110101594) - with Dr Gabrielle Simm.

Rights of older persons

The rights of older persons project is led by Prof Andrew Byrnes and Dr Annie Herro.

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Spotlight on our PhDs

In this section, we will highlight the work of our PhD candidates. We will share some of the research work they are undertaking, as well as any new developments.

Strengthening Australian university responses to sexual assault and harassment

The project focuses on the development of effective and appropriate institutional responses to sexual assault and harassment in Australian universities, with a focus on the needs of women, LGBTQI students and international students.

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The student voice

The AHRCentre's platform for students to air their views and voice their concerns about contemporary human rights issues. 

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Transformative reparations to combat sexual violence against women in post-conflict settings

Led by Prof Louise Chappell, Prof Andrea Durbach and Assoc Prof Sarah Williams, this ARC Discovery Project will investigate the political, economic, social and cultural conditions that underlie and enable sexual violence during and post-conflict with a view to developing a framework of ‘transformative' reparations for consideration by criminal justice institutions.

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Violence against women and international human rights law

This project examines gender-based violence through the state of international human rights law on the issue, the work of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, and proposals for the elaboration of a new United Nations treaty on gender-based violence against women.